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“MAKEDONIKI-PANIDIS” has a continuous presence in the aluminium field since 1974, with specialization in the aluminium system components and aluminium railing systems production.

The company sets innovative prototypes in the production of aluminium system components and aluminium railing systems. With constant plenitude and excellent service, is rapidly developing in to a modern, technologically advanced and customer satisfaction oriented company.

The company’s focus, to ensure the highest quality of products, appears throughout its vertical production process. “MAKEDONIKI-PANIDIS”, with  continuous investments in building installations and mechanical equipment, the establishment of new modern powder coating installations and new completed anodizing unit, while at the same time focusing on occupying specialized and technically caliber personnel ,has managed to achieve exceptional level of growth. The careful investment in each unit of its production process, the use of excellent quality raw material, the evolved planning, and the simple technical applications, led “MAKEDONIKI - PANIDIS”, to develop into one of the most advanced and reliable industrial companies within the aluminium sector.

 “MAKEDONIKI – PANIDIS”, continuously tries to present new pioneering products to the aluminium market, with the same highest quality and standards as is has been showing for the last 25 years of its operation, with respect to its collaborators confidence and by investing for the continuous research, has developed and produced the pioneering aluminium railing systems “MAK-SYSTEM”.